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My Detoxic review: I almost lost my husband to a dangerous infectious disease: 80% of Indonesia’s population is stricken with parasites without knowing it! This can happen to everyone.

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Do you know the feeling of guilt towards our loved ones, when they are sick but we cannot help them, helpless and can only see them suffer? I have felt it and because of that I want to tell you about the suffering our family is experiencing so that you don’t repeat the same mistakes that I did.

Feri and I have lived together for 27 years, during which time we never fought. Our friends still call us “newlyweds”. We have many plans in the future. However, nothing can be realized because of an illness.

It all started when my husband started complaining about bad breathPreviously I was a doctor so I examined his teeth and mouth, but I found no symptoms of any pain.

But then, other worrisome symptoms appeared .

My husband began to often feel flatulence, besides that, he became indigent so that his body became very thin.

He began to complain of heart, liver and pancreas disease. We then did an electrocardiogram, blood tests, but the results of both tests showed nothing.

In addition, our intimate life also becomes disrupted. One day, he confessed that he had problems with erections. A strong and energetic man seems to turn suddenly lethargic, always looking limp and not passionate about life .

Upon arrival at the hospital, the doctor gave us a terrible diagnosis – parasitic infection. Nearly 70% of my husband’s body was attacked by parasites, almost all of them. I really can’t understand this reason, my house is always clean, the water in our house is also always given a disinfectant, the food is always thoroughly cooked and thoroughly cleaned. I really didn’t expect these mild symptoms to be a sign of a parasitic infection.

I keep thinking, WHY CAN ALL THIS HAPPEN? So I asked for the results of my husband’s examination and wrote to the Indonesian Parasite Research Center. They sent a surprising reply:

“All your husband’s problems are early symptoms of 
parasitic infections. When infected with parasites, the body starts to break down slowly, first not being obvious, but then it becomes clear. It all starts with bad breath, flatulence, depression, headaches, eye bags black under the eyes, decreased appetite, muscle and joint pain.For men, parasites cause 
inflammation of the prostate, impotence, heart 
problems and liver disease.For women, parasites cause inflammation of the vaginal glands, swelling of the ovaries, inflammation of the bladder, formation of ovarian fibroids, ovarian tumors, swelling of the kidneys, urinary tract and kidneys as well as skin aging.For children, parasites cause acne, and watery eyes, 
usually ignoring these mild symptoms resulting in the destruction of internal organs leading to death. ”

850,000 people in Indonesia die every year without realizing that the cause of their death is parasites. These invisible killers are everywhere, in fish, vegetables, fruits that people buy at supermarkets or markets. Photograph of an organ that has been infected with a parasite, which has been completely removed through surgery-deadly organisms enter the body through food such as fish, vegetables, meat, and fruits that we buy in supermarkets.

I then began to look for a way out. I almost went crazy because I could not stand by and watch the person I love suffer before my eyes. I hardly slept, I read dozens of books, seeking advice from colleagues. We tried dozens of drugs without any efficacy and the doctors could not do anything. My husband’s condition worsened. I feel useless and blame myself for not being able to save him.

When I was starting to feel hopeless, I found something on the internet – Detoxic.

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Nearly 250,000 people who have been infected with the parasite have been successfully treated by this product and within two days this product can eliminate nearly 300 different types of parasites.

Questionnaire: How do you get rid of parasites:


At first, I was a little hesitant, but my husband’s condition did not improve so I decided to act. This product was sent to my hand within a day.

In the morning, I gave a capsule to my husband and in the afternoon it turned out that my husband’s condition began to improve. At first his appetite returned, with no more foul odor coming from his mouth, and then almost all of the parasites disappeared. I feel very relieved because Detoxic is very powerful, a relief that I cannot express in words.

After a day, the liver and intestinal conditions recover 65%, kidneys and heart work normally. After 3 days my husband said that, he began to get an erection again. The natural ingredients contained in Detoxic (Thousand leaf herbs, Centaurea cyanus, and carnation extract) function for tissue regeneration, so treatment is faster.

After 5 days, my husband was examined again. Now there are no signs of parasites in the body. Detoxic successfully eradicates all eggs and objects that endanger the body within a few hours. Thanks to its integrated effects, Detoxic strengthens the immune system and protects cells from parasites. This helps prevent the possibility of getting parasites again for a long time. A week later, my husband recovered fully.

Later on, I understood why I could not find Detoxic at the drugstore or pharmacy. The reason is because this product is new and very effective (we have proven it), but not advertised on a large scale for fear that the price will rise, and fear it will be falsified. Therefore, this product can only be purchased at the manufacturer’s site.

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Don’t make you guys make the same mistakes that I did! If only I noticed small symptoms that were initially harmless (flatulence, bad breath, erectile difficulties) from the start, my husband would not suffer so badly.

How Does Detoxic Works?

Detoxic directly treats the early symptoms of parasitic infections and prevents possible relapses. So, if after hearing my story you will find just one symptom! PLEASE QUICKLY START TREATMENT NOW!

Protect yourself and your beloved family, Detoxic messages as soon as the initial symptoms appear and don’t wait for complications.

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